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DTF TPU Adhesive Powder

DTF TPU Adhesive Powder

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Our DTF Adhesive Powder is specially formulated not only for use with all DTF
ink and film brands but also for use with both manual shaking and automated
systems with a shaker dryer.

This powder also features Thermoplastic
Polyurethane (TPU) additives which add to the powder’s flexibility, resistance, strength, and durability. Our DTF Adhesive Powder is compatible with all ink colors and can be used with hot or cold-peel film.

This powder is designed to bond with the ink, not the film. The results will be
bright and vivid images, with a soft and elastic quality, that are durable through numerous washings. DTF Adhesive Powder provides high-performance melting and adherence qualities which also contribute to high quality, vivid results.

Furthermore, this powder will not cause blockages to printers with automatic

All in all, our Adhesive Powder will provide businesses using DTF
printing equipment with the dependable and high-quality performance that every business needs.

When using DTF Adhesive Powder, care should be taken to keep it out of the
reach of children and pets. In addition, if the powder is spilled on skin or drifts into the eyes, a generous flooding of the areas with water is recommended.

One final caution concerns the care that should be taken to avoid inhaling the powder. Please use appropriate ventilation in your work space.

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